Thursday, November 23, 2017

Inflowview ( interview yourself through certified training). Get your tools & technology ready,work is coming!

Inflowview training systems                    Full course
1.Connection                                Price $ 300.00     Every credit is full value.
2.Understanding      We will accept any combination of people investing.
3. Longevity       Learn and study meaning definitions./Full Investment is higher equity & serious crucial facts, reach goals quicker at full speed.
Interview yourself for success, 10 levels, You can stand on the Word.   
You have the tools, stay ready, God`s got the work coming.
                              God`s creation Course 1.
Match the Correct Word with the proper Meaning.  Draw a line to the best question matching the answer.     Print and match proper answers. 

God                                                   Glowing energy
Light                                                  The Creator
Water                                                   The beginning of creation.
Genesis                                                 H2o          
Beginning                                The Action or process of causing damage.  
Destruction                            The start of a new process.              
Adam                                  All the descendants of a common ancestry.         
Family                                   The first Man created by God.
Purpose                 The existence a human being or animal.
Life                         The reason for something.        
Eve                  Possible authority of vast resources.
 Dominion           Wife of the original Man.  
Death                 The act of or state of being moved.                        Separation              The end of Life. 
Heavens & Earth         An immoral act of transgression. 
Sin                               Places prepared by God.     
Garden of Eden       A paradise prepared by God.
Salvation                   Preservation or deliverance from harm.
Fruit                           Profoundly immoral or wickedly wrong.
Evil                                      A variety of nutritious plant life.
Faith             A detailed description for doing or achieving something.
Plan            Complete trust or confidence in one’s spiritual belief.
Knowledge     Facts acquired through experience/education.              
Wisdom    The quality of having deep experience or knowledge.
Universe      The way 2 or more concepts, people or objects connect.      
Relationship    An existing  Matter & space as a whole.                                                            
Be blessed and good luck.