Saturday, December 24, 2016

The first thing is to give thanks to God for you being able to awake to a new day.

We all must seek the higher cause of being pleasing to the Creator.


1.Make a serious observation that is truly complete.

2.Form a clear hypothesis that looks at all of the facts.

3.Design a detailed experiment that breaks down evidence.

4. Conduct all the facts related to a direct experiment.

5.Go ahead and make an offical observation while you record the data as well.

6.Analyze all of the available data needed to go further with the process.

7.Carefully determine if hypothesis was correct and if it answers the question were experiments


8.Verify all completed results by repeating the experiment as many times as required.

9.If successful process is completed you may also be required to repeat a further study.

Failure may also be a cause for reexamination of a revised hypothesis.

10. Seriously lets talk about our differences and what we agree on as well as from a platform of

being truthful.

11. Examine your life from every angle as you go forward with adding better skills of being

productive in your community and society.

12. Use resources wisely and begin or continue the process of being creative while looking at

new directions to keep the environment safe.

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